Political Risk Insurance

We offer comprehensive advice to investors relating to the identification and mitigation of political risks associated with international transactions, and expert assitance to underwriters of political risk insurance (PRI), including advising on coverage terms and policy wordings. Our PRI practice is led by Felton (Mac) Johnston, whose knowledge and expertise in these fields is the product of many years of senior experience with political risk insurance management and transactions. The firm’s political risk expertise is complemented by our team’s substantial experience in complex international transactions in challenging host country environments.

For investors we provide:

  • Analysis of legal and political risks
  • Negotiation of PRI policy coverage and wordings
  • Evaluation of existing PRI policy coverage
  • PRI claims presentation
  • Expert advice and witnessing in arbitration of PRI claims

For PRI underwriters we provide:

  • Assistance in developing specialized PRI products, coverage terms and policy wordings
  • Legal analysis of transactions to support PRI underwriting
  • Evaluation of claims
  • Assistance in pursuit of recoveries
  • Expert advice and witnessing in arbitration of PRI claims
  • Underwriter training

We also publish the RW Political Risk Newsletter, an authoratitative and widely read journal of the political risk marketplace.